The research group Art & Spatial Praxis focuses on artistic practices that broaden our imaginations of alternative social orders and ways of living within capitalist city structures.

In her inaugural lecture Patrica de Vries outlined plot work as artistic practices that refuse the hegemonic logic of neoliberal production.

She says: “I consider the plot a transformative art praxis because it interlaces ‘the material and the metaphoric,’ past, present and future, earth and earthlings. It is a conceptual tool and historic reality. It is figurative language and a challenge to current spatial arrangements. It is a verb and a narrative device. It shows us how art is ensnared in market logic and reminds us of other possibilities. The plot signifies practices in which other values are acted upon, constituted, grounded in space, and where dominant social orders and values are challenged and evaded.”

The lectorate Art and Spatial Praxis will be comitted to recognizing and supporting those artistic practices that actualize plot work, while reflecting on the possibilities of subversive life under capitalism. 

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