The research group Art & Spatial Praxis focuses on artistic practices that broaden our imaginations of alternative social orders and ways of living within capitalist city structures.

About Art & Spatial Praxis

The research group Art & Spatial Praxis focuses on artistic practices that broaden our imaginations of alternative social orders and ways of living within capitalist city structures.

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Exploring Plotting: A Workshop Zine in Mexico City

Patricia de Vries, lector of the research group Art & Spatial Praxis, gave a Plot(ting) workshop in collaboration with MediaLabMX in Mexico City last year. Take a look at the zine that offers an insight into the collective mind map that materialised during the workshop.

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CONTEXT – Israel/Palestine: on Polarisation, Media Inclusion/Exclusion, and Apartheid Regimes

On December 6th Jeff Handmaker and Isabel Awad, moderated by Ali T. As’ad will explore narratives surrounding polarisation, media inclusion/exclusion, and apartheid regimes in the light of Israel and Palestine.

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Photo’s Climate Imaginaries at Sea at the Warming Up Festival

Artists affiliated with Climate Imaginaries at Sea showcased their work as part of the Warming Up Art Route. This event was a segment of the annual "We Are Warming Up" festival, taking place at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam from October 30th to November 5th.

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Looking back: workshop with Brackish Collective and lecture Müge Yilmaz

On Thursday October 5th The Research Group Art & Spatial Praxis organized a workshop with the Brackish Collective and a lecture with artist Müge Yilmaz on salt and effects of salinization of earth.

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Plot Work as an Artistic Praxis in Today’s Cityscapes

You can now order a free print publication of the inaugural lecture of Research Professor (Lector) Patricia de Vries at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. In this lecture, she elaborated on the research area of her research group Art & Spatial Praxis. The research group Art & Spatial Praxis focuses on artistic practices that broaden our imaginations of alternative social orders and ways of living within capitalist city structures.


Climate Imagenaries at Sea presents:

Müge Yilmaz's lecture on salt and affects of salinization of earth

We are happy to announce Müge Yilmaz’s lecture on salt and affects of salinization of earth which will take place on Tuesday afternoon October 5th. 


Exchange project WASALIWA in Fiji and Amsterdam

In the International exchange project WASALIWA two groups of artists and writers based in Fiji and Amsterdam came together to look at the ecological history and future of the Pacific Islands through a series of workshops.


LASP starts Plot(ting) research group

The research group Art & Spatial Praxis (LASP) starts a new Plot(ting) research group consisting of 11 new members. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss theoretical and material manifestations that speak to Sylvia Wynter’s concept of the plot. They had their first fruitful session on May 30th 2023.


Introducing Müge Yilmaz

We are happy to announce that LASP has invited artist Müge Yilmaz to partner on the Materiality research studio of the Climate Imaginaries at Sea project. Her research proposal S.A.L.T is intended to look into the effects of salinization on qualities of soil, architecture and ecology.


Climate Imaginaries at Sea: Studio encounters on Water: 13/14 April 2023

Climate Imaginaries at Sea speculates possible futures in and around water through various artistic and participatory research practices. On 13 and 14 April 2023 the coalition organizes Studio Encounters on Water, a two-day event filled with workshops, presentations, talks and pod reading sessions.

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Portraits of Mingling: Henrick de Keyserplein

Portraits of Mingling is the name of the artistic research and publication made by students Paulina Martínez Marín, Ilya Lindhout and Mayomi Basnayaka on their project around the Henrick de Keijserplein in Amsterdam. The SIS ('Studio for Immediate Spaces') Master’s programme at the Sandberg Institute and the Municipality of Amsterdam collaborated in the development of this plan area in Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuid.

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Fellows in Process 22/23

In the Fellows-in-Process series the research fellows of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut 2022/23 will share their process and findings with students and the Gerrit Rietveld community at large. The series aims to aid interaction, while engendering meaningful conversations between the fellows, students and teachers of both institutes. To that end, events are open to Rietveld and Sandberg students and teachers. Please note that all workshops are on a sign-up basis.

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Climate Imaginaries at Sea/ Research Studios

As part of the ARIAS coalition Climate Imaginaries at Sea we are proud to announce that from 2023 we will receive the kind support of NWA Arts Route to develop three artistic research studios on the theme of rising sea levels.


Fellowship Project: fellows 2022/2023

In September 2022, four research fellows started their research in collaboration with Art and Spatial Praxis. They are Charlie Clemoes, Sandra Golubjevaite, Alina Lupu, and Aaro Murphy and will conduct their reseach with one of the departments of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut.

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Publication: Creator Doctus Continues (2022)

The publication Creator Doctus Continues (2022) elaborates further on the pilot Creator Doctus (CrD), a new model for post-graduate trajectories in Dutch art education set up by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. We share new findings about the CrD trajectory, review the first CrD trajectory (2017-2020) with Yael Davids and introduce the current second CrD trajectory with Femke Herregraven (started in 2019).



Water can be in plain view but we don’t necessarily see it in the profound way it deserves.

In Drawing Water the students of the architecture department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie show works that reimagine our connections to (bodies of) water.


Fellows Exhibit

Fellow Exhibit is a Rietveld Sandberg initiative that showcases the findings of nine artist-researchers who completed a fellowships trajectory in the past academic year. Each of the fellowships relates to one of the fields specifically. Springing from these research themes expect reflections on speculative waterways in ecological crisis, rethinking data and scripts of the city.

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Inaugural lecture Patricia de Vries

On October 29th, professor Patricia de Vries presented her inaugural lecture. In it, De Vries elaborated on the research area of Lectorate Art & Spatial Praxis / The City. You can read the text  “Plot Work as an Artistic Praxis in Today’s Cityscapes’’  here.